Letter to Congressman Lance: Protect the ACA

This past week President Trump released his budget that basically eliminates aid to the poor and elderly, and federal support of the arts and sciences. He insulted another world leader and ally, Angela Merkel of Germany, and accused the UK of spying on him. He continues to maintain that President Obama wiretapped his phones, and rants and raves and tweets about anything not going his way. He fired 46 US attorneys and defends all in his realm who hobnob with the Russians.

Here’s my letter this week to my congressman, Leonard Lance. (NJ 7th). I receive automatic email replies. I figure one day I’ll march into his office with all my letters and ask why he hasn’t answered my concerns.

Dear Representative Lance:

The House Republican plan to overhaul the Affordable Care Act will affect the citizens of New Jersey, including your constituents. As one of them, I have yet to hear you express your concern about the loss of coverage that will occur under the GOP plan, particularly to low-income adults and children. Either you believe that people have no right to health care, or you’re a complete coward and won’t stand up to a president who doesn’t care about the nation’s people.

We went to New Orleans for a few days to visit our daughter. We took a kayak swamp tour outside of the city. The guide talked about how the swamp won’t be there in 50-60 years as the salt water mixing with the fresh is killing off the vegetation. Drilling for oil trumped environmental concerns.



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2 Responses to Letter to Congressman Lance: Protect the ACA

  1. You made the swamp look like paradise!


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