Women’s March: Next Steps

So we donned pink pussy hats, made posters, and marched. We amassed in numbers beyond expectations and capacity; turning marches into rallies when we couldn’t move another step.

So what’s next?

People are grappling with what to do, how to harness the energy from the march and turn it into positive, meaningful actions.

My Facebook feed  is bombarded with requests to sign petitions, donate money, call and email my congressman and senators. Many make doing this very easy, providing automatic links that merely require typing your name and zip code. It’s hard to know if any of this will help but it seems worth trying.

And many of us find it all a bit overwhelming. Too many requests from various groups, too hard to keep track of it all.

This blogger provided what I consider a reasonable, manageable approach to becoming active and making your voice heard. I shared this link, emailed it, and am following it.  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FKXcRFOg5VS-UjCyH2jmgRTm-sQY_PB65Gxo-rwMT6A/preview

There are others out there. Find the method that suits you best and don’t give up.

At a yoga class yesterday, a friend, who is Russian, shared her despair about the state of the nation. “I’m scared,” she said. “People here have no idea how bad it can be.”   We agreed that yoga has helped us find a focus, calm us down, and stay somewhat sane.

Another friend mentioned at dinner last night that she’s been calling her congressman every day. The office must know her by now, expect her call, and register her concerns. She appreciated the link I’d sent her, noting for her, there’s one concern- world order.

For me, I’ve selected the 3 E’s—education, environment, and equality, which has many subsets.

Let’s get started and not quit.





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7 Responses to Women’s March: Next Steps

  1. jfrances40 says:

    You are so right. It is overwhelming and we just need to find a particular focus and work on that. If we all do our part…….😊


  2. busyk says:

    Agreed, we should find the issue we feel most passionate about and make that our focus. We’ll be much more likely to stick with that cause. Also, we should concentrate our efforts locally. We’ll have a greater impact and be much more accountable on a local level. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


  3. Drjcwash says:

    I signed up. I will continue to read and educate. I am going to take on healthcare


  4. That’s a big list Lisa – love you tenacity! ❤
    Diana xo


  5. Lisa, you are an inspiration and a sane voice when we wonder how to take this enthusiasm to the next level. Let’s not lose the momentum!


  6. Today more than ever. When the so-called President starts firing dissenters, the next step is prison for them and then…


  7. Great suggestions here, Lisa! I’m thinking of a blog idea… I’ll keep you posted.


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