NYC Women’s March

Yesterday I joined thousands of others- women, men, families, children and dogs in New York City for the Women’s March. As soon as my friends and I left the train station, we felt the energy of the march. We walked to the east side; a friend had found a bagel place to meet up with others joining us before we walked to our designated starting point and assigned time. Of course, this being New York City on a Saturday, the line went out the door and the food preparers said this was totally normal, not at all affected by the march. Food in hand, we walked toward the UN plaza to join the march. By the time we reached Second Ave. it was obvious we’d never get any further and joined hundreds to wait. And wait and wait.

While the march may have started at 11 am, by  12:30 pm, streets were jam-packed. We enjoyed the signs, the costumes, the various hats, and the jovial, respectful, peaceful atmosphere. A fire engine siren sent everyone to either side of the street; this was all done without incident and the firemen high-fived the marchers as they drove through the crowd.

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This morning we attended our granddaughter’s 5th birthday party, happy to participate in a “winter” theme with games and crafts designed by my daughter-in-law. With no snow and a temperate 50-degree January day, the events were inside. We made snow by mixing baking soda and white hair conditioner, pinned the sled on the hilltop, created snow children by wrapping guests in toilet paper, threw paper snow balls, and drank divine homemade hot chocolate   with marshmallows.

img_1850 fullsizerender-7 img_1840

I marched to honor the values I hold; the many causes and concerns that the Trump administration promises to dismantle and destroy. I marched to honor my parents who fought for labor rights, marched for civil rights, and demonstrated against the Vietnam War. And I marched because I have 8 grandchildren and I worry about the world they and all children are inheriting.   Whether it’s health care, equal employment and education opportunities, voting rights, civil rights, marriage and gender equality, or environmental protection, they deserve better.

I will be heard. Again and again.






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14 Responses to NYC Women’s March

  1. First of all, your grandchildren are adorable. I love that photo of your granddaughter! She’s beautiful poo poo poo. Second, ‘m glad the march was peaceful and pleasant. I’m adopting a cautiously optimistic attitude to the incoming administration. Wait and see.


  2. Drjcwash says:

    Beautiful. I can’t believe she is already five. Thank you for the post. Amazing how so many women around the world could gather without incident. That is power.

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  3. Way to go Lisa! I love your passion and your determination to act on what is important to you and your family. ❤
    Diana xo

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  4. Colline says:

    What an experience it must have been. Thanks for sharing your photos.

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  5. jfrances40 says:

    Amen! 😊An amazing day after a very low day.

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  6. First of all, your grand daughter is adorable and looks just like you!! Absolutely wonderful day, followed by gigantic letdown headache for me…our little town is organizing around “Indivisible.” The resistance starts NOW!

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  7. Yup, we can’t sit still. The only silver lining to come from this election is the rebirth and awakening that we need to be involved. But is it scary.


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  9. Way to go sistah! SO proud of you Lisa, and this entire country, for standing up to this insanity! Inspiring piece!

    A side note: When you add a link, click the box that says open in a separate window. That way, your readers are not taken away from the current story, if they want to read another post link… it keeps readers on your blog longer = clickability. I know little, but I’m learning. 😉

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  10. Thanks for the tip. Hope I can figure it out! ha ha
    Scary times. We all need to stand up and be heard.


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