Elie Wiesel: Never Forget, Fight Indifference

RIP, Elie Wiesel. Your words resonate now more than ever.


Like most children, Elie Wiesel grew up loving stories, especially horror stories that he found funny. He never imagined his writing wouldn’t include those kinds of tales, that instead, his writing would portray real horror.

Expressing his gratitude for receiving the 2012 Kenyon Review Award for Literary Achievement, Wiesel, 84, described how he still feels “thirsty” for words to relay the horrors of the Holocaust.  Despite the countless volumes of literature, despite the six million copy -worldwide distribution of his autobiographical first book, Night, which recounts his experience as a prisoner in Nazi concentration camps, Wiesel worries that “what needs to be said can’t be written,” rendering the enemy victorious.

The Holocaust survivor, Nobel Peace Prize winner, prolific author, political activist and college professor wonders if he succeeded. “The truth is I am not sure I can consider myself a true witness. I don’t have the words for my testimony,”…

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  1. A truly remarkable man,e endu Hred plenty


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