Amanda at Bat: Some Readers Respond

My sister Madeline, an ESOL teacher in Silver Spring, Maryland shared my book Amanda at Bat with her school, reading it to several classes of 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students. They wrote me letters about the book. Some shared how they connected with Amanda through similar experiences and several gave me writing advice for future projects. I love their honesty and realism.

Here are some excerpts:

“I had a connection with Amanda’s brothers because I’m on a soccer team when we lose my sister and my cousin say that I need to try harder and run faster and all that stuff but I just ignore them.” … Keiry

“…it (Amanda at Bat) really reflects that life is unfair and there are many ups and downs. .. Amanda’s parents remind me of my mom, because they are telling her that some things are out of her control, which my mom tells me.”… Grace

“I really like the part where Amanda stood up for herself.” …Abel

“I liked the way you made and plotted the story. It was funny and made me laugh. My suggestion is that it would be so much better if the main character was a boy instead of a girl because it would be more interesting.”… Jeremiah

“I felt the same way like her when my brothers would always get a turn on something and I would never have time to have my turn on the thing.” …Biruk

“This book reminds me when I did not have any friends and everyone else did.”.. Coleman

“This reminds me of the time when I didn’t get to play soccer because I was too short.” Ian

“I wanted to say how I have brothers, and when her brothers were being rude, that’s just how brothers are.”… Cameran

“This reminds me when I was playing soccer they forgot about me and I felt lonely until I got to go.” Jasmine

“I think the next book you should write should involve pandas.”… Rhun

There’s nothing like sharing a good story with young people. If you read Amanda at Bat to children, please let me know what they (and you!) think!

Cover lo res

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3 Responses to Amanda at Bat: Some Readers Respond

  1. Chris says:

    Love this instant feedback loop! Also love the idea of pandas!! I want to buy this for Caroline, and will just as soon as I get my study back from the construction crew.


  2. Stella Sormani says:

    I love the Pandas suggestion!


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