Hillary: Play that Woman Card!

Donald Trump did Hillary Clinton a favor yesterday when he accused the former Secretary of State, NY Senator, First Lady, Yale Law School graduate, Wellesley College graduate, and perpetual campaigner for children worldwide as playing the “woman card.

Her response, “If fighting for women’s healthcare and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the ‘woman card,’ then deal me in,– apparently one of the most popular quotes of the campaign to date, only serves to strengthen the differences between her and Trump.

I just finished listening to Hillary Clinton’s memoir Hard Choices, 515otzAA0oL._AC_US160_her book about her time as Secretary of State. I had previously listened to her first memoir, Living History,41zWbcsr8ML._AC_US160_ about her childhood, college, law school, and years as a First Lady. Having these lengthy books on tape made my drives (more often to Connecticut these days to my parents) go quickly and much more stimulating.

She faced the “woman issue” early on. Whether it her hairstyles or her pants suits, she was held to a higher standard than any man in the roles she held.

I also bought the books too, thinking I’d read them when not in the car. Though I didn’t—I’ve become too engrossed in switching between Ron Chernow’s Hamilton41G1MFH04PL._AC_US160_ and Stephen King’s 11/22/63, 51gir4MU+2L._AC_US160_I liked having the books to check on things I may have missed while driving and also to look at the photographs.

Keep playing this woman card, Hillary. There’s no one more qualified to be President of the United States.



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8 Responses to Hillary: Play that Woman Card!

  1. We women are still being held to a different standard. Remember the nanny/gate issue with a Supreme Court nominee. #imwithher

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  2. This whole strategy to criticize Clinton for the “woman card” is just one more instance of what is wrong with American politics and culture. Just how can it be that her gender and her desire to attract women voters has any relevance in the big picture? All prompted by shallow and cynical politicians, perpetuated by a lazy press and by the Republican’s 24/7 messaging machine.

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  3. If she is the nominee, I hope more people will realize how bad the Republicans are for their health. Hoping for a Democrate, whether it’s Hillary or Sanders

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  4. hugmamma says:

    Must get that book! Can’t wait until Hillary is in the White House…

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  5. Yes, here’s hoping!


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