Caring for our Girls: Women are the Foundation of our Society

From my friend Dr. Judy Washington.

A Family Doctor's Reflection

Women are the foundation of our society.  From the moment  girls are born, the love and support from family helps them evolve into strong, confident and caring women.

Yet, fear and suffocating religious customs and cultural beliefs prevents this from happening in many parts of the world.  Across the world these precious members of our society are being raped, killed, sold into slavery, struggling on minimum wages and being victimized by their male partners. They are trapped in poverty and held captive.

Over the years, my female patients have revealed the pain of sexual assault, incest and intimate partner violence.  Women in the military who are serving our country and looking for a better life are being victimized. Even on college campuses where women are supposed to be safe, sexual assault is happening and being mishandled.

Women have worked and completed their education while raising their children alone.  Many are caring…

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3 Responses to Caring for our Girls: Women are the Foundation of our Society

  1. susanissima says:

    Thanks for posting this, Lisa. Every word rings true and we, adult women and elders, as well as outstanding younger women, are the models and doers for change.


  2. Hi Lisa,
    This is an excellent post, and so true. It is something I feel very strongly about. Thanks so much for speaking out.


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