New Studies: Peanuts, Eggs & Sex

Three latest scientific studies caught my attention:

First, peanuts for kids. Growing up, no one was allergic to anything. We ate what we were given and peanut butter was a lunchbox staple. And not crunchy, salt-free, organic but big brands like Jif and Skippy — smooth, salty, and sticky.

Peanut butter  remains a go to snack, especially when biking and it’s the best way to cure hiccups—take a teaspoon or two.

My grandkids’ schools are nut-free zones. No PB & J sandwiches. No peanut butter stuffed celery; no PB & Fluff. This is particularly tough for one grandson who eats little else, though at 5, his taste buds are beginning to get more adventurous.

A favorite snack for all of them is Bamba, an Israeli confection found in kosher markets and elsewhere. Every outing includes a few packs to alleviate between meal hunger pains. Thankfully, none have any nut allergies, perhaps in part to an early introduction to peanuts.  images

And that’s what this study suggests.

Then there are eggs. As a poultry farmer’s daughter, I grew up hearing the controversies about eating eggs. “Nature’s complete protein,” my mother said.

We ate eggs frequently; for breakfast in every form, for lunch in salad, and Sunday night supper was baked beans, scrambled eggs with slices of fried Hebrew National salami. When my family visited others, a couple dozen eggs provided the perfect hostess present.

When the cholesterol scare arrived, my family literally scrambled to assure people eggs were healthy. “Everything in moderation,” my mother said. Still, sales dropped as studies claimed consumption of high-cholesterol foods, like eggs and red meat, increased the risk of heart disease. Now this study,, says eggs aren’t so bad and don’t affect cholesterol. Other breakfast foods are far worse, contributing to obesity.

Now for those us pondering Fifty Shades of Grey, yet another study, maintains that married couples that make it to their 50th wedding anniversary have great sex upon reaching that milestone. I’m 33 years into the institution; will have to report back in 17 years.


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19 Responses to New Studies: Peanuts, Eggs & Sex

  1. So true. So many things are issues today that were not problems when our kids grew up. I(Bamba not my fav. But kids love it). So Classic that now science is flip flopping about that and eggs too. Interesting.

    And I love your punchline! Ha. For me it would be another 15 years. Just had our 35th anniversary. Looking forward to our follow up post(s) at that time.
    Interesting post!


  2. neelavsamratde says:

    Great read!


  3. neelavsamratde says:

    I will look forward to your blogs after 15 and 17 years respectively! Haha!


  4. Thank you! Be sure to read the comments in the last link.


  5. susanissima says:

    Delightful post! And timely confirmation of the power of peanut butter, too. Can’t even imagine not having peanut butter sannies!


  6. Right on about peanuts and eggs. I’m sticking around for seventeen years more for the sequel to the story. Come to think about it you are right on that, too.


  7. Lovely… I will update you in a mere seven years. (hint… so far so good.)
    LOL I have enjoyed reading about the eggs, too. I never doubted for a minute that eggs were good!


  8. jmgoyder says:

    Your punchline LOL!!!


  9. haha Lisa, I’m adding an outlook appointment to my calendar right now for March 6, 2032 with a note to ask you about your sex life! ❤
    Diana xo


  10. I’ll take one of those Sunday night meals, please. Sounds delicious. But, can I have it in the morning with coffee, instead?


  11. Great title and all true! Everything in moderation


  12. I grew up on PB&J’s and wish they were a staple for my son. He doesn’t really like sandwiches, and will eat a PB&J sandwich if he has to. One time when I was working the 4-8 am and pm shift on a ship, I got off the morning shift and ate a big breakfast, almost always with some type of egg. I slept through lunch and ate a smaller, quick dinner because it was in the middle of my shift. At the end of that 6+ month tour, when I had a physical I asked what my cholesterol was. I had dropped significantly. I now know, from having a short stint as a diabetic, that the sugars and high glycemic index foods we eat affect our cholesterol, blood sugar, and weight more than anything else. Unfortunately, over the past few years, my body has become very intolerant to all dairy products and chicken eggs (not duck), and is somewhat intolerant of peanuts, soy, and some legumes. So they are off my menu.


  13. ShimonZ says:

    I love peanuts… and peanut butter too. Wonder about all these allergies, though… we hear about them all the time…


  14. Leah says:

    I cannot agree with you more on the peanut allergies! When I was a kid, we ate everything and nobody worried about allergies. And I think that’s what made most of us immune to food issues. But I remember when Sophie was born and they said don’t feed them peanuts, honey, strawberries, and so on. I gave her peanut butter early on and suffice it to say, she’s a healthy child!


  15. hugmamma says:

    And now…eggs are a very good thing. In moderation, of course. Scientific studies often drag us hither and yon, only to arrive back where we started. Go figure!


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