Grandmother Dairy: “Snunch”

My eldest grandson wanted his own grandma day since his sister had one while he was in camp. I planned we’d hike at a county park and visit the nature center there.

In the car, we listened to his favorite cds by storyteller and singer, Bill Harley. When my kids were small, we often vacationed in Maine, driving from New Jersey. We discovered Bill Harley and became addicted to his wonderful stories and songs that appeal to every age. It is truly a delight to see how our son’s children, especially the eldest grandson, loves the same stories his father did. I’ve given many cds as presents—they are perfect for long car trips and truly engage the entire family. Between Bill Harley and the story telling from his father and grandfather, SY is learning to tell his own stories. He told his father, “I never get bored because I have so many stories and songs in my head.”

It was a hot day to be hiking so we chose a short trail, then visited the nature center, where we learned about nocturnal animals in a “night theater,” and then the playground. Returning home, I realized we hadn’t had a snack and it was nearly lunchtime. My grandson dismissed the idea to skip snack and just have lunch and suggested we have “snunch,”  to ensure we had both.

Later in the day, while waiting for his parents to arrive, we read books that I’d saved and were favorites of my kids.

Here are some titles they love at the moment:

Guji Guji by Chih-Yuan Chen.

The Paper Princess by Elisa Kleven.

The Bookshop Dog by Cynthia Rylant.

Solomon The Rusty Nail and Sylvester and the Magic Pebble by William Steig.

Owl Moon by Jane Yolen.

School starts next week. I’ll see them less and they’ll be tired after their school day. I can’t wait to hear their stories and read them more books.

photo-58 photo-57 photo-59



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17 Responses to Grandmother Dairy: “Snunch”

  1. Drjcwash says:

    Too cute. hard to believe that school is starting. Now it seems summer has flown by.


  2. Colline says:

    I love that each child gets to have some grandma time with you. I am sure they each feel special on that day.


  3. You’re an awesome grandma Lisa. ❤ I think Sy may be a budding writer with all those stories and songs that keep him company in his head!
    Diana xo


  4. mercyn620 says:

    You are creating wonderful memories for your grandchildren. And having so much fun in the process!


  5. You and Susan are making me so jealous, with these sweet grandchildren! What a lovely day spent with your little guy!


  6. susanissima says:

    Delightful! SY sounds like a budding young writer. “I never get bored because I have so many stories and songs in my head.” Thanks for sharing the grandma magic and for the book recommendations, too.


  7. You should be able to get the books at a library since they are old, except for Gjui Gjui– we heard about that on the radio a few years ago- love it! Just saying it is so much fun. It’s a retelling of the ugly duckling with crocodiles.


  8. Such a good idea, individual Grandma time! And I love that J is singing the same Yiddish lullaby that I sang to her, makes bedtime much easier!


  9. We haven’t had them overnight ourselves yet– guess they only trust us so much. I’ve had to learn the Shama? to sing to them when I put them for naps.


  10. You’re learning from your grandchildren. How beautiful. Priceless experiences.


  11. “Snuch” is just so cute, Lisa. 🙂 What a lovely “grandma day” your grandson had. What a sweet boy he is.:)


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