Iced Tea for ALS

They’re predicting 90 degrees today; a day to stay cool and hydrated. I’ll make a pitcher of sun tea outside and fill glasses with ice and fresh mint.

I won’t however, be dumping a bucket of ice cubes and water over my head. Unless you’re completely unconnected with social media, like my 80+ year old parents, you’ve heard about the Ice Bucket Challenge that has raised over $88 million for ALS.

No one has asked me to do so, which involves  thanking  the person who nominated you, passing the challenge on to three others, pouring the ice over your head, and finding someone to film it and post on YouTube for the world to see. Participants have 24 hours to perform the deed or donate; and many do both.

The “going viral” concept fascinates me. I  imagine countless other non-profit organizations worldwide are kicking themselves, asking why they didn’t think of this and wondering what they could create that could have the same impact and success as this ALS campaign.

Those opting to submerge themselves in ice seem to be having fun, and the challenge is bringing attention to a disease that many don’t know about. Facebook is full of videos of others—those who have the disease– that has no cure—and there’s no fun involved.  Other diseases need funding for research, as addressed in these blog posts by my friends Dawn Landau, and Chris Rosen.  And there are safety and health warnings after a few mishaps.

I support friends who bike, run, and walk for various causes. I give money (and a glass of water) to the college kids who canvass door to door, raising money for environmental groups. I buy Girl Scout Cookies. I support many local organizations and the arts.

Today, I’ll donate to ALS.






About cyclingrandma

I was a journalist (Danbury News-Times, Ct), before becoming a teacher, and continue to write for professional journals. I have written several study guides for Penguin Books and write for Education Update, a newspaper based in New York City. ( I’ve interviewed many authors, college presidents, and scientists. I wrote “The Kentucky Derby’s Forgotten Jockeys” for Smithsonian Magazine's website, (April, 2009). Two essays have been published in book anthologies; one for Wisdom of Our Mothers, (Familia Books) and the other in “College Search and Parent Rescue: Essay for Parents by Parents of College-Going Students.” (St. Martin’s Press). I was a middle school Language Arts teacher for more than 10 years and have just completed a five year grant position under No Child Left Behind in Newark, NJ public schools. I have three children, two daughters-in law, and six grandchildren. I'm an avid cyclist, knitter, cook, and reader. I love theater, museums, and yoga.
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15 Responses to Iced Tea for ALS

  1. susanissima says:

    Cheers! Sounds like a fine idea and refreshingly more private.


  2. Letty Sue Albert says:

    Sorry, but social media never ceases to remind me of the dumbing-down of society! LS


  3. You have a good heart Lisa. Thank you for the difference you make in our world! ❤
    Diana xo


  4. My plants need the ice cubes more than I need them on my head


  5. What a wonderful reminder to us all that this doesn’t have to be public to make an important impact. Nicely done, Lisa! Thanks for the link. Ironically, I was reading the story before I realized there was a link, but much appreciated!


  6. Yes, i am glad no one asked me to do the ice bucket dunk but it has surely raised awareness and a little fun never hurts. All for a good cause.


  7. As a perpetually cold person there is no way I would be able to tolerate ice water on my head, flowing down my body. Shudder, shudder at the thought. But I appreciate the reason and support the cause. ALS can expect a contribution from me.


  8. Leah says:

    I’m with you on the fact that I’m happy to donate, but won’t be dumping a bucket of water on my head.


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