Grandmother Diary: Answering the Whys

I met my son about halfway between our houses to collect my grand-daughter, nearly 3. Her older brother is in camp for a couple of weeks and my daughter-in-law hadn’t found a camp program suitable for her. She’s been happy at home, helping her mother and playing with her baby brother. I offered to do a day of “grandma camp.”

As soon as she was buckled into her carseat, the “whys” began.

Why do I only have one carseat?

Why did I need to get gas in the car?

Why were the men working on the road? In the trees?

We were going to the local zoo and I decided I needed a stroller—the one piece of baby equipment I hadn’t accumulated. We stopped into Target and found an inexpensive umbrella stroller.

Why do you have to pay?

At the zoo, taking the stroller out of the car, I realized in my haste to get there,   I hadn’t noticed that the wheels were attached to the frame with those tough plastic ties.

Why can’t you put the wheels on?

Having no tool in the car to cut them, we proceeded to walk around the zoo, shortening  the visit.

The whys continued all afternoon. I loved answering them.

My favorite: Why is it taking so long for my birthday to come?  (She has a another month.)

I’ve already planned the outing for this week. I can’t wait to answer more whys.


Pushing the stroller

Pushing the stroller


At the zoo

At the zoo


About cyclingrandma

I was a journalist (Danbury News-Times, Ct), before becoming a teacher, and continue to write for professional journals. I have written several study guides for Penguin Books and write for Education Update, a newspaper based in New York City. ( I’ve interviewed many authors, college presidents, and scientists. I wrote “The Kentucky Derby’s Forgotten Jockeys” for Smithsonian Magazine's website, (April, 2009). Two essays have been published in book anthologies; one for Wisdom of Our Mothers, (Familia Books) and the other in “College Search and Parent Rescue: Essay for Parents by Parents of College-Going Students.” (St. Martin’s Press). I was a middle school Language Arts teacher for more than 10 years and have just completed a five year grant position under No Child Left Behind in Newark, NJ public schools. I have three children, two daughters-in law, and six grandchildren. I'm an avid cyclist, knitter, cook, and reader. I love theater, museums, and yoga.
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21 Responses to Grandmother Diary: Answering the Whys

  1. ksbeth says:

    she is an absolute doll and i love the endless, ‘whys.” )


  2. Thanks! So fun as you know.


  3. Have you tried removing some photos from your media library? Try removing some old ones and see if they still appear on the blog page. Then see if it frees up some space. I assume you have copies of the photos elsewhere?


  4. Leah says:

    Remove the “unattached” photos from your media library. It will free up space.


  5. esther w. says:

    love the writing, love the pics.


  6. Robinann says:

    Adorable. How is mother Barbara? We are leaving tel aviv today and going to Jerusalem. Really enjoyed time here. Need any odd spices? This is the place to buy them. I will go to your artists jewelry place. Remind me where thus is? Later, Ribin

    Sent from my iPod


  7. Such a little cutie-pie, Lisa. Little children never seem to tire of asking questions. 🙂


  8. susanissima says:

    Your grandtoddler is adorable and nearly the same age as little r, who just turned 3. My favorite why conversation after he asked me why I wasn’t having a baby like his mama is, “Why can’t you have a baby, Gooma?”

    “Because I am to old, darling.”

    “Why are you too old, Gooma?”

    “So I can be your Gooma, love.”

    “I’m glad you are old, Gooma.”

    “I am, too, r.”


  9. That’s hilarious. Yes, my gd asked if there was a baby in my tummy when her mother was pregnant with her little brother. Why? (So glad, that’s why!!!)


  10. Can’t wait for all the questions! At 2 my daughter likens my grand daughter to a head-injured patient – “Where we go?” and one minute later, “Where we go?” and on and on….


  11. I agree!, but she only has to wait one month for her birthday, I have eleven months to go!


  12. What fun! You and your granddaughter are so fortunate to have each other! Curiosity is a sign of intelligence, and she is asking some very good questions!


  13. Yes, LOVE that comment. So true, so wise.


  14. Way too cute! I look forward to this one day… in the far off future. 😉 But, I love sharing a day with others’ little ones, for now.


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