The Shabbos List: A Review

I have rather blogless lately; post-play, summer activities, who knows. Thankfully, my blog friend Miriam Hendeles,  has been very busy writing and took the time to watch the video from my play and write about it. Here’s her wonderful post.

Thank you, Miriam.




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9 Responses to The Shabbos List: A Review

  1. Congratulations Lisa! Your play sounds universal. Now… you just need to bring it north of the border.


  2. I’d love to do that!


  3. Great post! captures every issue. Don’t let the play die. Keep writing.


  4. I agree…this play should be out there!


  5. Congratulations first-time playwright – sounds like your play was a hit! Where to now with this new found talent Lisa?
    Diana xo


  6. hugmamma says:

    Wonderful tribute…well deserved.


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