Children’s Book: Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night?

Where do Diggers Sleep at Night? Unknown

I mentioned I’d bought this book for my three- year-old truck -loving grandson to his mother, who replied, “Hmm I’ve always wondered that question.”

 Brianna Caplan Sayres‘ charming debut picture book, first published in hardcover in 2012 and recently released as a board book, is sure to delight toddlers with its rhythm and rhymes and whimsical illustrations by Christian Slade. From diggers, the book goes on to ask where other trucks and construction vehicles sleep- like dump trucks, garbage trucks, fire trucks, snowplows and more.

Here’s the first verse:

Where do diggers sleep at night?
Do they dream of holes they dug?
Do their moms reach front to backhoe
when they give a good-night hug?

There are no answers; readers have to imagine until the last page, when we learn they’re snug in a toy box, awaiting the next day.

What makes this book extra special to me is that I know Brianna. Many years ago, I joined a children’s writing group and met Brianna there where she shared versions of this wonderful book. The children’s book market is a tough nut to crack; one must have incredible tenacity. Bravo to Brianna and I look forward to her next picture book, Tiara Saurus Rex  due out in February.

Meanwhile, I’ve already read Where do Diggers Sleep at Night about six times to my grandson, who always asks me to read it again.





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12 Responses to Children’s Book: Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night?

  1. Nathan Winkler says:

    Great topic + lots of good rhymes = a really good children’s book!


  2. Just ordered! Keep the book recs coming, expert grandma.

    I get a kick out of Maze though because when I show him the cover of a new book that I’ve brought him, he shakes his head and says a forcible, “NO!” Then after I leave, in a few days, I often get an email from Kath saying that it’s his new favorite.


  3. Reminds me of “Good Night, Good Night, Construction Site”. Same illustrator?


  4. susanissima says:

    Ordered! Thanks for the recommendation, Lisa. Little r is gonna love this one! ❤


  5. Drjcwash says:

    Makes me wish for grandchildren. Lovely book. Thanks.


  6. Colline says:

    You may be reading it a few more times to him 🙂


  7. Leah says:

    My nephew would love this book. Will have to make a note for a birthday gift.


  8. I love kid’s books and I still have many from when my daughter was little. They’re all in great shape too and one day I will share them with my grand child!
    Diana xo


    • I’ve saved many of my kids’ favorite books and they are indeed coming in handy now when the kids visit. They provide that “something different” element that makes the visit fun– the books aren’t what they’re reading now.


  9. One of my favorite college courses was the one about children’s literature. Those books are so wonderfully clever and creative. This one sounds delightful.


  10. really great. Daddy and i haven’t stopped talking about it. You touched all aspects. All you need is an “angel, Angel. Love BPM


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