Happy 60th Anniversary, Mom & Dad

It’s my parents’ 60th anniversary today. I asked my mother what’s the secret to a long marriage. “A  good imagination and a bad memory.”

scanned-image-1 unnamed1 We’re gathering Sunday at their home of 50 years, that is now on the market.


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25 Responses to Happy 60th Anniversary, Mom & Dad

  1. Marci Barr abbot says:

    Congratulations are in order! I hope your parents have many more healthy and happy years to share ! Xo


  2. Drjcwash says:

    Congratulations to all of you!!! Here’s to many more happy and years together.


  3. Love your mother’s secret!


  4. Judy says:

    That is priceless and i will remember her wisdom!! We will celebrate our 30th this month as well and so crazy to think of 60 years!! Wow!! Huge congratulations to your parents. Enjoy the amazing celebration. This day in age it is wonderful to see such devotion.


  5. Or insanity! We’re up to 32 this summer. Not sure where the time went.


  6. What a wonderful response!

    I hope the selling of their home is a joyful event — it must be both heart-breaking and exciting. Wow — 50 years in one home. You must have some amazing memories of all the love and joy that was shared within its walls.

    Congratulations to your parents!


  7. Thanks– lots of drama too.


  8. Many many mazels to them and you! Not many couples can celebrate that number, and I love her sense of humor!! Chris


  9. joan turk says:

    Your mother is adorable and on target about the bad memory! Happy anniversary. Joan


  10. Letty Sue Albert says:

    And I was there to witness it! Eleven years old at the time and along with cousin Libby, very excited to be part of a glamourously, grown-up event. Wishing them lots of love and many more years together.


  11. susanissima says:

    Your mom is absolutely right! And then there’s the love.


  12. Awesome, Happy Anniversary to your folks and please pass on to your mom how much I enjoy her blog when you them on Sunday!
    Diana xo


  13. LOVE the dress! Gorgeous! (and will work on the tip. I’ve got the imagination but have trouble sometimes letting the memories that are supposed to go, go.)


  14. ShimonZ says:

    I like your mother’s answer, but I think there’s a lot of work in making a marriage work… and last. We have to give up something of ourselves in order to make the partnership stronger… and these days, with the emphasis on individualism, most people find it very hard to make concessions to others. Loved the picture of the two of them together.


  15. Thank you and of course there’s much more hard work and compromise than her comment suggests.


  16. Lovely answer. Happy 60th to your parents. 🙂


  17. Loved all the comments, Lisa. Your’s were especially poignant. Libby was twelve or thirteen at our wedding. The pretty little blonde girl was my cousin Rita’s daughter, Marlene; four years old at the time. Thanks again, for helping us celebrate and remember!


  18. hugmamma says:

    Kudos to them for loving each other these many decades. They’re role models for sure for the rest of us. We’re coming up on 44…and counting. hugs…


  19. Thanks. It is a miracle in this day and age. Congrats to you. We’re at 32 this June.


  20. What an inspiration! I love the photos!!


  21. They are unusual in the fact they spend so much time together. I don’t have that sort of mentality! Like my alone time.


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