Finished Projects: Vests for All

I  love knitting vests. I work in the round until the armhole, then divide and finish each side, and only have the neckband and armbands to do– no boring sleeves to knit.

Here’s a crop of recently finished projects.

For Luke- a college friend of  my daughter: bulky yarn on size 13 needles. For me, a green tweed in rib stitch, unnamed-1unnamed-2 and for the little boys and their grandfather, matching vests. And for my grand-daughter- a jumper in bright turquoise with a lace bobble border. CIMG2762DSC_0017

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28 Responses to Finished Projects: Vests for All

  1. They’re gorgeous, I love yours especially – that belt just finishes it off!


  2. Adorable children. Your granddaughter looks like you!


  3. I’m impressed! Love your vest too.


  4. Drjcwash says:

    Love the vests. I told Roy I wanted to make a try ay knitting. He chuckled a little. You are making me want to do it.


  5. How charming! Lucky grandchildren to have such a talented and generous grandmother.

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  6. Nancy polster says:

    Great job Lisa. Your grandchildren are adorable too. Miss knitting with you at Kenyon. Hope all is well with you


  7. Colline says:

    Love the one you created for yourself. And the vest that became a dress.


  8. Gilla Stern says:

    The vests are AMAZING!! and of course the children are adorable!!


    *Please note my new email address – *


  9. ShimonZ says:

    Beautiful work. It’s amazing to me that people still knit, despite the machines that can create all sorts of knitted clothing so quickly. But of course, there’s a bit of you in the product. And I am sure that there’s great pleasure in wearing one of your creations.


  10. Hmm, I almost never wear shirts with collars, which is what I think of for vests, but that’s a good idea. I’ve made a bunch of tube scarves, since I just have to cast on to the round needles and keep going until it seems like I’m done. No counting or other complications!


  11. Amazing! You are incredible! These are all gorgeous, Lisa.


  12. hugmamma says:

    You are one talented girlfriend! I don’t know how to knit…but I know when someone else has a gift. And you have the knack…for many things!


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