Big Fish: Big Show! Dream Bigger!

A mermaid, a witch, a giant.  Dancing elephants and a human cannonball. The stuff of fantasy tales.  A traveling salesman from a small town in Alabama who tells his son crazy stories. The son who doesn’t know what’s real or not. Romance and family.  Costumes ranging from a circus to the Wild West and a Broadway song and dance pageant like no other.

Big Fish opens on Broadway Oct. 6; we saw it last night in previews.

For all those who believe that stories fuel the imagination and inspire us to “Dream Bigger,” this is the show.  Stories make us human; they give us a history.

Norbet Leo Butz plays Edward Bloom:

Choreographer Susan Stroman:

Screenplay/book writer John August and Composer/Lyricist Andrew Lippa:


(Post show celebration with Andrew)


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14 Responses to Big Fish: Big Show! Dream Bigger!

  1. Sounds wonderful! What was your very favorite part?


  2. Loved the movie (own it); so would love to see the play.


  3. I loved the movie. I am so happy the show is just as exciting.


  4. I’m so happy to read about your positive reaction to Big Fish. I heard about it but you’re the first person I met who has seen and liked it. We have tickets for “Betrayal,” but I have a feeling that we would like Big Fish a lot more…


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  6. Nancy C-J says:

    So sorry to read this..Sounded like a wonderful show

    Big Fish is closing December 31st. Three month run. What a shame. I loved it. I guess my opinion wasn’t shared by many…


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