Spring Break Finished Projects: Shawlettes

Shawlette—a small shawl. I hadn’t heard the term until Nancy Polster, Kenyon Tennis parent mom and expert knitter enlightened me. I was searching for a quick project for my sister’s birthday. I found this pattern, called Storm Cloud Shawlette   and Nancy suggested a hand-dyed merino ribbon yarn- it’s 80% super fine merino wool and 20% nylon. I bought two skeins, saving one for the hitchhiker scarf –      an internet knitting sensation created by German designer Martina Behm.

Unfortunately, the first just didn’t come out right. It doesn’t sit on the shoulders well and is awkward to tie.  Madeline will return it to me and I’ll unravel it for another project.  0-8

I made the fun and easy hitchhiker scarf which I sent her.  CIMG2500

The pattern apparently went “viral,” a concept that fascinates me. I suggested to Nancy that we design a pattern with a cool name, that can be done in all weights of yarn on all needle sizes, that would become a must-have knitting project. The hitchhiker sells for under $4 – downloaded from the site.

Knitting with Nancy Polster while watching Kenyon Women's Tennis Match

Knitting with Nancy Polster while watching Kenyon Women’s Tennis Match

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11 Responses to Spring Break Finished Projects: Shawlettes

  1. mountainmornings says:

    Must Get Back To Knitting


  2. Love the name “Storm Cloud Shawlette.” With an “S” on the end, it would also make a good name for a singing group.


  3. If you design it, they will come… and at $4 a download, you could fund another book! 😉


  4. tchistorygal says:

    That looks lovely, and fairly easy. I can do basic stitches, and even some fancy ones, but different colors get me down! Do you knit in the summer?


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