Help Send Lesley Carter ‘Round the World!

Nothing will stop adventure seeker and blogger Lesley Carter. 0-50-30-20-4

I’m not sure how we first connected in the blogosphere but I have been an avid armchair traveling companion ever since.  Now she’s entered in a contest and has asked her blog friends to help her out. She’s hoping to travel around the world via “My Destination’s Biggest Baddest Bucket List.” 

In her own words, here’s a bit about Lesley and the contest:

Traveling and adventure have encompassed my life; from white-water rafting, skydiving, paragliding, bungee jumping, rock climbing, biplane flying, dog sledding, base jumping, kayaking, surfing, boogie boarding, rappelling, and caving, I’ve tried every “bucket list” item I could imagine. Rock climbing and a trapeze act were even part of my wedding day in Jamaica. I’ve been to 34 countries and I envision 100 more.

Following my dreams of traveling and experiencing life to the fullest has taught me that the world is full of endless possibilities. With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Advanced English, a Bachelor of Education degree in Secondary Education, a Masters in Literacy, 8 years of teaching, and a vast imagination, I decided to put my writing and editing skills to the test. Bucket List Publications is the accumulation of all of my wildest dreams come true.

I want to explore and achieve greatness. I want to travel the globe, explore new cultures, find unique adventures, and teach my daughter that we don’t have to live in a world with restrictions. That’s why I entered the Biggest Baddest Bucket List contest. Regardless if I win or not, I’m having a blast envisioning what 2013 will bring. If you want to explore the world with me, please take a minute to vote at All you need to do click on the buttons next to the video. Each click counts as a vote; happy clicking!

Lesley offered to answer some additional questions. Here’s our Q & A:

Lisa: Do you plan to take this trip with your husband and daughter? How will you manage childcare?

Lesley: I plan on taking the trip with my daughter, Athena, and a great, long-time friend who will act as Athena’s nanny while we’re traveling. Unfortunately, my husband won’t be able to join me but it’s the opportunity of a lifetime and he wants me to take advantage of it.

As a family, we want to teach Athena that anything is possible and the more unrealistic we are with our dreams and goals, the more we are able to achieve. She’s already flown internationally and she loves to travel. Since her birth, I’ve participated in extreme adventures like skydiving, dune buggy racing, swimming with whale sharks, and white-water rafting. I also piloted a biplane, a glider, a helicopter, and an airplane during and after the pregnancy. She’s an excellent sidekick and travel partner.

Lisa: What do think inhibits people from following their dreams?

Lesley: Fear of the unknown. The world can be scary and not knowing about something can be even scarier. You have to be willing to recognize what are logical and illogical fears. For example, I was beyond afraid to encounter marine life. Even small fish freak me out in the water. I love to swim, surf, and body board, though, so I wanted to overcome the fear. Starting simple, I swam with dolphins, then beluga whales, then whale sharks and countless others at the Georgia Aquarium. Now, I want to scuba dive at the Great Barrier Reef. Conquering that somewhat illogical fear was the most liberating experience of my life. Fear is a wonderful emotional response but overcoming it is powerful and life changing.

Lisa: Whom do you consider role models?

Lesley: I have many great role models in my life from family like my husband, Darren to teachers like my Ancient History teacher, Ian MacDonald. I even look up to or consider authors role models like Mitch Albom who continues to give back to society through volunteer work and donations.

Lisa: What are you reading now?

Lesley: I just finished a book called Saving Paradise by Mike Bond that has encouraged me more to go to Hawaii.

Lisa: What’s your favorite book of all time?

Lesley: Anything by Mitch Albom, but most likely The Five People You Meet in Heaven.

Lisa: What’s on your playlist?

Lesley: As a new mother, Baby Mozart.

Lisa: If you could travel back in time, whom would you want to meet? Why?

Lesley: William Shakespeare. I love English Language Arts, theater, plays, poems, and any other form of writing. Shakespeare is one of the greatest writers of all times but there are so many mixed representations of what he was truly like. I’d like to know for myself.

Let’s help this amazing woman reach her dream! Imagine the places she’ll go.

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23 Responses to Help Send Lesley Carter ‘Round the World!

  1. mercyn620 says:

    Done..How about your entry? You are the adventurous type too!


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  3. Go Lesley! I’ve been voting, and so excited for you! If your nanny falls through, I’m your girl. 😉


  4. Lisa, sweeet interview. I’m an armchair fan as well!


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  6. reikipixie says:

    we armchair-follow lesley’s blog too and have voted to try and help her win! fingers crossed so we can read all about it!
    as a cyclist yourself, you may fancy a read of our upcoming adventure ‘The Mad Plan’ and then ‘The Mad Plan Mileage’… 🙂


  7. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    Mercy, my bad – I expected you’d be a gray haired granny: MY bad! I clicked on your link from Lesley’s bucket list blog, curious at your name. And there you are, healthy, joyous, in fine form. Great blog, header etc. 🙂


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