Cleaning My Old Desk Drawer: A Slide Rule, Kilt Pin & Peace Now

My first record player

My first record player

Remember these? This was my first record player.  Perhaps I’ll try to find a needle for it and play some of my old records.

I cleaned a couple cupboards and my childhood desk drawer when visiting my parents. No, the house hasn’t sold; it’s not even on the market yet. They’re trying to figure out where they’d move to. They really want to stay put.

Here’s the contents of the drawer: A slide rule, a cotton handkerchief, an unused typewriter ribbon, three metal shoe horns, a bag of pennies, a dime, about six boxes of slides- I think from my college years; a kilt pin,  a black marker, some index cards,  a roll of scotch tape, a tampon, and a Peace Now button. Perhaps not artifacts that elate archeologists, but relics nevertheless.


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12 Responses to Cleaning My Old Desk Drawer: A Slide Rule, Kilt Pin & Peace Now

  1. beachbarb says:

    I’m reminded of the day when my husband and I finally agreed to make a serious effort to begin to go through “stuff” and to get rid of 40 years worth of accumulated, obsolete treasures in preparation for downsizing.
    The stereo cabinet was partially disassembled with components spread across the living room floor when our grandson Todd and family dropped in. Among the many things scattered about was the Garrard turntable for the record player. When he questioned what that was, his grandfather explained that it was a record player and offered to show him how it worked. Grandpa opened the cabinet door and pulled out a 33 record to set on the turntable. Todd couldn’t believe it – “Wow, Grandpa, that’s the biggest CD I’ve ever seen!”


    • That’s so funny! Thanks for sharing the story. Lanny had all sorts of equipment from way back- I remember seeing it in the Flushing house. I bet he could find me a needle for this player. And we have plenty of 33 records and even a few 45s.

      On Fri, Mar 1, 2013 at 8:20 AM, cyclingrandma


  2. Those coins could be worth something! Sadly, at our age, they may be collectors! 😉 Cool stuff Lisa!


  3. tchistorygal says:

    These are all familiar things to me!!! My dad tried to teach me how to use a slide rule when I was about 6th grade. I wasn’t an apt pupil at it. I think I did well in high school trig class, though. 🙂 Marsha 🙂


  4. Leah says:

    Great stuff! Love the “Peace Now” button!


  5. Great drawer! My two favorites are the kilt pin (because I loved my kilts) and the Peace Now pin, which I think you need to put on your jacket and wear.


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