Ah, Europe: France to Shop, Germany for Lunch, Switzerland for Dinner!

This is part three of my Swiss Sampler.

We took the train from Davos to Basel.  Pine trees surround the track , giving glimpses of the sunlit mountains and the cross country  and downhill ski trails. I had all I could do from breaking the window and jumping out to ski.  Ski rental shops can be found at every train station and each town has a lift.

Our friends Gus and Maurice moved to Basel nearly two years ago.  CIMG2350 At this point, they’re debating whether they’ll ever want to return to the US.  They’ve learned German (already fluent in French); they enjoy hopping on trains and planes to travel everywhere; they have had lots of visitors and generally life is very good.  Switzerland is expensive; they post their mail in Germany (half the price) and food shop in France.

Basel, Switzerland’s third largest city with about 170,000 residents sits where the Swiss, German and French borders meet. There’s lots of crossing between the borders for work and play; no border patrol or passport check.  We drove to France first to shop for dinner provisions and then onto Freiburg, Germany, about 50 minutes away to tour and have lunch.

CIMG2366 CIMG2367 CIMG2370 CIMG2365CIMG2356CIMG2338 CIMG2357

We returned to Basel for the evening, dinner and a round of Wizard, a new favorite card game.  51Ap15x976L._SL500_AA300_

Sunday we took the tram to the Foundation Beyeler Museum to catch the last day of “Edgar Degas: The Late Work.”    Fabulous paintings gathered from museums and collections all over the world included many of his behind the ballet scenes and several of portraying women bathing and drying their hair.

A quick lunch and then back on the train to the Zurich airport.  Trains and buses go everywhere. Certainly we can learn a bit from our European friends about solving our transportation issues?

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20 Responses to Ah, Europe: France to Shop, Germany for Lunch, Switzerland for Dinner!

  1. OmaOrBubby says:

    The next best thing to being there…is reading lisa’s blog describing her fun vacation in Europe! Really sounds amazing. Trains, planes, and automobiles. I love your blog!!


  2. Trip sounds and looks lovely. Glad your friends are happy. A longer sojourn in Europe is on my bucket list.


  3. Lisa, what would happen in our country if we had no border checks? I don’t think it would work too well here. ‘Glad you’re having such a wonderful time. The blog is delightful.


  4. Sounds exhilarating! If only we had a train going west to Nashville…I can only go south or north on Amtrak.


  5. mercyn620 says:

    What a great trip. I love to travel, and reading about your adventures makes me want to pack up and go anyplace – now!


  6. adinparadise says:

    This sounds really wonderful, Lisa. I just love that bike with the built-in rain protection. 🙂


  7. So envious! Switzerland does seem to have it all…


  8. What a wonderful trip! And Wizard to boot! We used to play that all the time at sleepovers with the Girl Scouts.


  9. Northern Narratives says:

    I wish we would put more money into trains.


  10. Thanks for the the beautiful travelog. This is so lovely. My dream trip. Every time I watch a movie that deals with the European train system I am so envious. We just do not have that kind of ease of travel by rail here. The ride from NY Penn to Baltimore or DC can be a nightmare due to delays.


  11. How awesome to hang out in 3 countries in one day! Sounds like you’re really enjoying your trip – I’m happy for you.


  12. What a fantabulous vacation! Thanks for sharing it with us Lisa!


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