Tangerine Tango Taste #4: Surprises!

Who doesn’t love a surprise? This week’s taste of Tangerine Tango brings stories with surprises.  Tangerine_Tango-_Wom_Cover_for_Kindle.jpg

From Leah R. Singer’s Strangers and Traveling Salespeople (Thanks a lot Walt Disney!)

Once upon a time, there was a mother and a daughter who were at home when they heard a knocking at the door. The dog barked and the little girl ran to the door to see who had come calling.

This isn’t a fairy tale.  Last week, Sophie and I were home, enjoying each other’s company.  I opened the door to a salesperson who was selling financial planning services…

Every once in a while, a salesperson will come to our door offering to sell us new windows, pest control, or whole-house painting. All these sales people say the exact same thing: “I’ve been talking to your neighbors and they said blah blah blah …”

So finally, after I kicked the salesman off my porch, I decided to use this experience as an opportunity to discuss with Sophie about not talking to strangers. I told her that only mommy and daddy can open the door, and we especially do not open the door to strangers. She also should not talk to strangers.

She seemed to understand the concept, relating to me “that’s what the grandmother said to Little Red Riding Hood, and the fairies said to Aurora in Sleeping Beauty. “

Great, she gets it!

And then do you know what she says?…

 Read to find out!  The book also contains Leah’s essays about her interfaith marriage and her  struggles with weight.

There’s no better surprise than what greeted Patti Winker.

From her Santa in a Hurry: Christmas 1960

We woke and rushed to the stockings and the tree, only to be stopped by the sight of Dad digging around in the hallway closet.  Now, Dad was a big man and this was a small closet, so the sight alone made us laugh.

There was Dad, pulling presents out of the closet saying “Santa must have been in a hurry because he left all the presents in the closet.  Here’s one for Mary Lee, and one for Annabelle, and this one is for Barbara Jean.”  And so on.

We were puzzled.  What happened?  Santa has never been too busy to leave the presents under the tree. 

 And, where was Mom? …

Read to find out! Patti also contributed essays about life before helmets, how much fun she had growing up running through her mother’s clothesline, and her experience owning a candy store.

Think about surprising friends and family with Tangerine Tango!

Remember all proceeds are going to fight Huntington Disease. It’s a perfect size for a stocking stuffer, hostess gift, fits in jacket pocket or purse.  Stock up on a few copies to keep on hand for those just-in-case you need a gift moments.

And if you buy it and read it, please write a line or two as a review on Amazon  and like it on Amazon and Facebook!






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3 Responses to Tangerine Tango Taste #4: Surprises!

  1. Good thing I already have my copy! I’d go crazy waiting… 😉


  2. I agree. It is so nice to be able to read one of these at night when you want something positive to reflect on after a busy day.


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