Embracing Emerald! Pantone’s 2013 Color!

Move over Tangerine Tango, not the bookTangerine_Tango-_Wom_Cover_for_Kindle.jpg

That’s alive and strong. The color steps from the limelight New Year’s Eve when Emerald takes over as the “it” color for 2013.

Pantone crowned Emerald,  the new must-have hue, bringing back a color not popular since the 1980’s, the company said.

Think Emerald City green. May (my) birthstone green, four-leaf clover green.  A bit lighter than spinach, more like steamed broccoli.

Green, like orange, is fine by me. I love it! Many of my clothes are green or orange.

From celebrities to cookware, the color is seeping into the public eye, hoping to convince us to toss all our so-last-year orangey outfits and omelet pans and spend greenbacks on anything and everything green.

ANGELINA-JOLIE q9401-69-fennel-demi-teapot-popup

Well, I’m not going to listen. I’m keeping my tangerine, pumpkin, carrot and cantaloupe- toned sweaters and shirts; I have quite a bit in apple, asparagus, olive and mint.

But Emerald?  Yarn store here I come.

CIMG2203CIMG2154 The grandsons are ahead of the times. They already have green sweaters.

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13 Responses to Embracing Emerald! Pantone’s 2013 Color!

  1. Darling grandsons! I hate to have Tangerine Tango move over but the green is lovely!


  2. My great-aunt would be turning in her grave – she thought wearing green was unlucky, because it’s the colour of jealousy.. Emeralds, too, and she may have a point. I bought an inexpensive emerald ring in Colombia with 4 tiny emeralds in it. One fell out almost immediately….


  3. Barbara Klein says:

    Good-bye olives and lime, Green is green


  4. That shade may be hard to wear. I guess I would have to try it on. I really do like the Tangerine.


  5. April says:

    I’m so excited about this new color! I’ll finally be back in fashion! lol


  6. writecrites says:

    When I moved into my apartment, the walls were green. A soft green, but green nonetheless, it being a supposedly restful color (the walls are white now). However that emerald green dress is gorgeous, and I think it would look fabulous on me. Thanks for the suggestion 🙂


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