Tangerine Tango Taste #3: The Non-Bloggers & A Giveaway!

This week’s sampling of Tangerine Tango highlights the three writers in the anthology who aren’t bloggers. I hope they’ll consider blogging since their stories are so compelling.

First, there’s Barbara Chapman. We went to high school together. Here’s a bit from her story, “No Necklace, Period” about her daughter.

…one of the most bizarre lessons imparted to us by adults was how we learned about menstruation.

     When I was in fifth grade, all the girls were ushered into the only soundproof classroom in the school. We were greeted by the school nurse, the girls’ gym teacher (both female) and a handful of mothers who wanted to share in this special event. The school nurse announced to us that we were about to enter a very special time of our lives and that getting your period for the first time was nothing to be ashamed of …     Many years later, I gave birth to a boy and then a girl. When Lynn was born in 1984, she was the first female in the family in 17 years.  A few days after she was born, I purchased a very sweet pendant, rather abstract, depicting a seated woman leaning in, coddling her baby. The pendant was not even 3/4 of an inch in diameter. Sterling silver with a light silver chain. Very tasteful, simple, and lovely. Every time I looked at it, it reminded me of my beautiful little girl and how much I cherish her.

     I planned to give it to my daughter on the day of her first period. We would go to lunch; we would hold hands and relish the joys of being part of the whole rhythm of life: the sun, the earth, the cycles of the moon. I’d also give her my copy of Our Bodies, Ourselves that I had purchased in college. I wanted her experience to be so much better than mine.

     New Year’s Day, 1997.  Lynn wakes up grumpy. She has a skiing date and she can’t find her lift pass. She can’t find her ski boots. And, she tells me, “mom, I got my period.”… 

There’s a surprise ending and I don’t want to be a spoiler. You’ll have to read the book!  In her other two essays she wrote about her experiences with breast cancer and working in hospice. Great reads!

The next excerpt is from Madeline G. Taylor’s essay, “Duress? Distressed? Dial!”  She’s my sister, and a teacher, so we always have lots to discuss.

When I first joined Facebook, I  wrote my  “25 Random Things” list to tell readers more about me.

Communicating on the telephone with my siblings came to mind. 

I wrote:

I speak to my sister, Lisa 4 times a day. I speak to my sister, Naomi 4 times a week and I speak to my brother 4 times a year…

Her essay continues:

I have no animosity toward my brother. Growing up, we were really close. We’re 11 months apart and shared a room until we were 9 and 10, seeing no reason to be separated except other people thought so.

It’s just that as adults and as parents, we seem to have less to talk about and I have so much more to say to my sisters, especially on the phone.   We can chat about every mundane tidbit of our lives.  We can multi-task while sharing our stories.  We’ll be on the phone while cooking in our respective kitchens, sharing the steps and outcomes of our endeavors, wishing we lived closer for tastings.   We scrub the tub, load the dishwasher, or make a salad without missing a syllable.

  We talk about everything and nothing. I need advice on SAT tutoring for my daughter, Lisa needs to know why her banana cake doesn’t come out like mine, Naomi shares the latest news about her kids and our cousins. …

Last for this week, is a taste of  Judy Ackley Brown’s “Serene Green. Judy is a friend of Barbara Younger, a Tango contributor.  She encouraged Judy to submit her essay. I am as obsessed with green as I am about orange so couldn’t resist.

Green is my favorite color. My house is green, my upstairs is painted green, my bedspread is a green floral print, and my dining room lamp has a green patina. When we built our house many years ago our lighting salesman told me I was “greening out”.

Feng shui wise, the color green is said to have a calming and restful effect. It creates balance and harmony. Some say it is the color of intimacy…

 Remember all proceeds are going to fight Huntington Disease. It’s a perfect size for a stocking stuffer, hostess gift, fits in jacket pocket or purse.  Hanukkah begins in a few days.  Stock up on a few copies to keep on hand for those just-in-case you need a gift moments.

And if you buy it and read it, please write a line or two as a review on Amazon and like it on Amazon and Facebook!


Help me encourage these writers to start a blog! Please write a comment! To celebrate gift-giving, I’m giving away one print copy and two ebooks. Leave a comment telling me which you prefer! Print to US mail addresses only; ebooks to all you international readers! I’ll select the winners randomly next Monday, December 10.


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10 Responses to Tangerine Tango Taste #3: The Non-Bloggers & A Giveaway!

  1. Love the period piece (no pun really intended) and as a non-sister, the sister essay reminded me, once again, how happy I am that my girls are sisters. I adore green too, and all it represents, which Judy points out so eloquently.

    Yes, Lisa is right. You three Tangerine Tango ladies need to considering coming over to the blogging side!


  2. What a great prompt for writers! Beautiful. And I always wondered why men are so hard to talk to, I sometimes would say, “It’s like pulling teeth” trying to get any information out of them in general. But my brother Jim is a psychologist, so I sometimes get too much information from him :-))


  3. Patti Winker says:

    I agree… it’s time for you ladies to start blogging. Your writing is so fun and fresh. The community of bloggers is a great place to be, to share, to learn. I wouldn’t have met any of you ladies if not for blogging. 😉


  4. judy says:

    It sounds like a fun thing to do!! We will see what the new year brings!! 🙂


  5. iGameMom.com says:

    It is such a great idea!


  6. tchistorygal says:

    Blogging is definitely addicting. It’s great fun whether or not it sells more books. I have ordered books from three authors I’ve met on the web. Enjoyed them all. One that will help them get started is “Are You There Blog? It’s Me Writer by Kristen Lamb. I wrote a review for it. iannegray.wordpress.com/about/ See if that might inspire her. Marsha 🙂


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