Tiny Tastes of Tangerine Tango

For the next five weeks, I’ll be posting excerpts from Tangerine Tango. Samples from the 12 writers’  contributions hopefully will tantalize you into wanting more— and buying the book. It fits into a pocket or purse and is a perfect holiday gift.  All profits will be donated to the Huntington Disease Society of America to fight this genetic, degenerative neurological disease.  So you can give a gift (the book) and make a donation at the same time! How good a bargain is that?

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This week’s offerings:

In keeping with the Thanksgiving holiday, I selected excerpts from a couple posts that feature food.

Stacey Caron travels every night while surfing the Internet. Here’s an excerpt from her “Tart From Seville.”

I love to travel.

Every night I travel to Italy, Spain and France – via my computer.

 I guess you can call me an “armchair traveler”. I could tell you every good hotel in Piedmont and fabulous chateau in Bordeaux. What airline flies direct from New York to Milan and how many miles between Paris and Provence via the high speed train.

I am always planning my next vacation, years in advance.

Though we only take 1 trip a year, I make it worthwhile. I do as much research as possible, using  google maps, best places to eat, neighborhoods,  yelp reviews, word of mouth, blogs, etc. In the end, it makes for a memorable vacation.

Try it. French, Italian or Spanish.

 Open a good bottle of wine from the region, a cheese from the same region and make a simple recipe from that same place, and for an evening you are transported to somewhere special.

I have just saved you a lot of money on airfare.

 Recently, I went to Seville, Spain and woke up in New Jersey.

The recipe is in the book along with two more of Stacey’s essays and her grandmother’s chopped chicken liver recipe.

Two of the writers, Gabi Coatsworth and I, wrote about ice cream. I’m fascinated about all the new, savory flavors and Gabi shares her husband’s obsession with searching for the perfect scoop.

A bit from my “Screaming Ice Creams! Dirty Diaper, Garlic & Blue Cheese!”

Dirty diaper.  Unless you’re a new parent or a pediatrician, no more description needed.

Unless it’s an ice cream flavor. It’s chocolate with chocolate chunks…

Cheeses- feta, goat, ricotta or blue can be found mixed with fruits and vegetables. Savory spices such as paprika, basil, rosemary, curry, pepper and even garlic are offered next to traditional chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.  In New Jersey, the Garden State, I’ve seen “Fresh Corn.”  For those who skipped breakfast, maple syrup and bacon flavors abound, and for those thinking salad, there’s olive oil…

Read the rest to find my sister Madeline’s Hot Fudge Sauce recipe!

From “Ice Cream Odyssey”  by Gabi Coatsworth.

My husband is an ice cream snob.

It never occurred to me to wonder about this, until the other day, when I suggested going for an ice cream somewhere nearby, and Jay demurred, saying the only ice cream worth having was the one either 11 or 20 miles away….

…We bought a little house in New Hampshire, and the local ice cream there, was, of course, Ben & Jerry’s. I approved of this ice cream, made by a couple of hippies who invented flavors like Cherry Garcia, Wavy Gravy and Phish Food. Jay was happy again – even if they retired one flavor, there was always another. So Southern Pecan Pie was followed by Rainforest Crunch and then Karamel Sutra.

Then tragedy struck. The little ice cream parlor in our town stopped serving Ben & Jerry’s. They still sold ice cream, but it didn’t have the oomph Jay needed.

Until last summer when he discovered the Walpole Creamery and their Caramel Cashew Chip. We were driving along in the middle of farm country after picking blueberries nearby, and suddenly Jay swerved off the road. He’d seen a sign, he said. I thought maybe he’d had some sort of epiphany, but the sign turned out to be a modest cutout of an ice cream cone. “We deserve a reward for picking all those blueberries,” he said. And he’s been going back ever since. (The blueberries have long since stopped being an excuse.)

“This is, hands down, the best ice cream ever,” he announced recently.

Being a bit older now and, he assures me, much wiser, Jay now has a backup plan in the event that the Walpole creamery ice cream is not available. Only 20 miles away, he knows a little spot called the Scoop, where he swears the ice cream is as good…

 And finally for this week, there’s Barbara Younger’s  poem, “Fudge: Pondering Good and Evil.”

She writes: Good and evil. Often, it’s easy to know the difference. To decide. To choose. “Always do what’s right,” was one of my father’s trademark lines.

But then, there are the in-between cases, the not-so-sure situations, the maybe yes or maybe no.

My favorite lines from her poem:

…Confection of good delight

Or calories of evil to the body temple….


Happy Thanksgiving!  


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9 Responses to Tiny Tastes of Tangerine Tango

  1. Barbara Younger says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too. Fun to read the excerpts! A friend just send me an email that she is reading the book and enjoying! (but of course!)


    • up to 12 on Amazon this am. I wonder how often the sales are reported. So I feel encouraged. Remind your friend to like and write a review on Amazon== we need more! Lisa

      On Mon, Nov 19, 2012 at 8:03 AM, cyclingrandma


      • Barbara Younger says:

        She will, she says, as soon as she finishes. She’s really enjoying it. Relates to Dawn’s essay on religious choices. It’s been fun hearing her reaction to the book. I gave copies to lots of friends at church yesterday, so more reactions coming!


  2. Barbara Klein says:

    What about the pies, cranberry sauce and “gehackte leiba?”


  3. Each selection is so well done. It is such a balanced offer of the bitter with the sweet, sadness with joy ,and loss of a loved one and sweet memories. I will definitely be giving it as gifts this holiday season.


  4. Fun to read again. Go out and buy it people! Well worth it… 😉


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