Grandma Diary: Pumpkins & Apples

On the way to the pick-your-own farm, we saw two police cars.

I’d picked Simon up from daycare to go pumpkin and apple picking.

“Who made the light flash?”

Toddlers would make great reporters. Every question is a why, what, who, where, when.

“Maybe the policeman.” I said.

Entering the farm, he noticed the backhoe loader and red tractor. The kid knows his vehicles.

We selected a wheelbarrow to collect our pumpkins. Simon insisted on pushing it.  

As we walked, we talked. When he’s not running, he walks slower, giving us time to notice things. We looked at the field of pumpkins. We planned to find one for everyone in the family.

He found a small one for his one- year-old sister. Then a bigger one for himself. 

It was Goldilocks & the Three Bears in the pumpkin patch.  These weren’t attached to the vines so he carried them and put them in the wheelbarrow.  We found a medium-sized one for his mother and then a giant one for his father, who he calls “abba,” Hebrew for father.  I had to snap the thick vines to loosen them. We carried these heavy ones together. 

We pushed the full wheelbarrow back to the farm stand. An airplane flew overhead. He stopped to look at it.

“Where’s the airplane going?” I asked.

“To Detroit.” He said. “To Savta and Sabba’s house.”

His other grandparents.  We talked about how he’s going there in a few weeks to celebrate Succoth.

We walked to the apple orchard. He saw another tractor, a green one.

We looked at the rotten, mushy apples on the ground. We smelled them.   We talked about how we’d dipped apples in honey on Rosh Hashanna. We started picking apples, I said we didn’t want too many and to find ones that were red and didn’t have any bugs or boo-boos. He checked each one.  

The bag full, we headed back. A lone apple on a low branch caught his eye.  He needed that last one.  

We selected three mums. A red one for his mother and a purple and yellow one for me.

The produce paid for, we loaded everything into the car.  A ladybug at the bottom of the wheelbarrow quickly flew away.

As we left, Simon said “bye-bye” to the farm, the tractors, and the backhoe loader. “See you next time.”

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31 Responses to Grandma Diary: Pumpkins & Apples

  1. judy says:

    Adorable post! Felt like we were there with you! The joys of fall.


  2. adinparadise says:

    What a great place. I love the idea of “pick your own farm.” You and Simon made lovely memories that day. 🙂


  3. What a sweeet way to spend a fall day!


  4. I yearn for this beautiful day, you are one lucky Grandma! L’Shana Tovah


  5. Jacob Winkler says:

    Best post ever! 🙂


  6. Kathleen Jackson says:



  7. Very evocative. I can almost smell the apples…


  8. HW says:

    I’ll take one Simon, please, with a side of pumpkin and Grandma… 🙂


  9. zannyro says:

    Sniff…adorable images and story…..Thank you for sharing this!


  10. What a cutie pie, you’re a great grandma!


  11. lexiesnana says:

    I love those times and you made me want to take the monkeys out to the apple orchard tomorrow.Their other grandpa has a pumpkin farm and I asked the little guy if he could get me a pumpkin.He’s three and he told me—NO TOO BIG I laughed.Great post.


  12. Leah says:

    Sweet post! I love how you took him to the farm. He looks so happy! Great memories!


  13. s1ngal says:

    love the second pic where Simon’s holding the pumpkin. awwwwwwwww!!!


  14. Huffygirl says:

    How fun. Wish my grandkids lived close so we could do things like this. Instead, we have a flurry of activities when we visit that wear all of us out; and the kids get moody and cranky. And after all that fun, we have a big crying scene when it’s time to leave. Sigh.


    • It’s a catch 22. They visit Detroit and stay for 2 weeks. I feel it’s a whirlwind when we see them and over so fast. Regardless, we’re exhausted and I guess that doesn’t change if it’s two days or 14!


  15. Barbara Younger says:

    I think he looks like you. For real!


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