My New Vegan Clogs: Perfect Traveling Shoes

“You actually bought those striped Danskos? Were you on drugs or something?” I could hear the disapproval through the headset.

My phone calls with my sister Madeline aren’t usually contentious.  As teachers, we share tidbits about education; as sisters we talk about  our children, our parents, and her animals now that I don’t have any. Many times we’ll describe the latest shoes we’re ogling, which are almost exclusively by Dansko. Often, we’ll “shop” together, visiting websites, ordering while talking.

“Yes, they’re light-weight, easy to get on and off in airports, and sort have an espadrille look but give more support,” I defended my purchase.  I’m about to travel—a bike trip—so don’t need much for when off bike. Casual, comfortable shoes, like clogs.  I’d looked around at the shoe store, debating various flats and sneakers. I didn’t want sandals. These seemed to provide the flexibility I needed. All right, maybe they are a bit over cute for my age.

I love clogs and for teaching they are the only shoes to wear. I marvel at teachers who can stand in stilettos for hours or can hurry down the halls in heels. Not me.

I wear clogs in the classroom and clogs in the kitchen, and have many pairs of  Dansko sandals and flats. Between going barefoot in yoga or wearing special bike shoes for cycling,  it’s hard finding comfortable dress shoes. Every occasion when I need them I’m nervous about which height to wear, how far do I need to walk, how long do I need to stand.  As soon as I’m home, I’m back in my clogs.

But it’s not a perfect love affair. Dansko, in its attempt to keep current, discontinue styles at whim. My favorite sandals—Molly, Maxine, and Heloise-  are long gone to Dankso heaven; their replacements don’t work for me.  I have to make these former styles last forever—I can’t even find them on eBay.

My beloved girlfriends: Heloise, 2 Maxines, & Molly

My new clogs are vegan; not made with any animal products. Funny how when I was a kid, leather was a symbol of high quality. Vegan is the new leather; very chic, like my new clogs.

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11 Responses to My New Vegan Clogs: Perfect Traveling Shoes

  1. nancy Polster says:

    I think those shoes are very cute and I live in clogs too. Easy to put on and most importantly COMFORTABLE!!!!


  2. I love those shoes. Since i wear a size 11, it is so hard to find shoes that fit. Some are just too big especially in the heel. Those are lovely. In the summer, I wear my FitFlops and carry socks. In the winter I use my soft boots for traveling.


  3. Nurses and docs wear Dansko clogs all the time! I love the striped vegan number and admire your ability to “shop” with your sister 🙂 My sister is 14 years older so we don’t shop well together, on or offline.


  4. Northern Narratives says:

    I love the color 🙂


  5. O.k., O.k. – theiy’re adorable! Great post! Sorry I never got back to you with the names of all our girls. I don’t even remember the name of the ones I have on now (sandals, I love – also discontinued). Molly’s were definitely a favorite and I just wore my Maxine’s over the weekend – they took me from 86th and Broadway all the way down to 33rd! No complaints from shoes nor feet! To date, I own 12 pairs. Hmm, can I name them? 4 pairs of professionals, 1 Maxine, 2 Lara’s, 1 Madrigal, 1 Bett, 1 pair of heeled oxfords that I just got over the winter and have no idea what they’re called and 2 pairs of ancient clunker things that are not really clogs but are non descript somethings. I’m sending this post to Dansko – they owe us a huge rebate or sdhould at least start paying us rent.


  6. Of course women any age can wear them! If we can’t wear funky shoes, then why did we bother trying to be independent creative women?.


  7. I am a Dansko fanatic! I would totally buy those cute clogs. I think Danskos are the best of the best! 🙂


  8. How ironic I find your blog, and here I just purchased my first pair of Dansko clogs last week! They are the first open-toe shoes I’ve found in ages that I can actually walk around in the city streets comfortably. You’re so right – they are the perfect traveling shoes!


    • You’ll never want to wear anything else! I hope you find styles you like and they don’t discontinue models! It’s so irritating that they do that. Go to their outlet store (, as well as Ebay! Welcome to the club!


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