And the Sunshine Award Goes To:

Award season is  upon us and bloggers want to be liked as much as anyone else.

Including me.

So thank you Gabi  Coatsworth for including me in your “Sunshine Award” list.

The guidelines for receiving this award:

1) Thank the person who gave you the award – Thank you, Gabi.

2) Write a post about it : see below.

3) Answer the questions below.

4) Pass it on to 10 bloggers who you think really deserve it and send them a message to let them know.  (Kind of a chain letter, pay it forward sort of deal.)

My Answers to 10 questions:

Favorite color: Green – all shades but kelly;  Orange a very close second, all shades.

Favorite animal: Labrador Retrievers

Favorite number:  My kids‘ years of birth.

Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Water

Facebook or Twitter?  Facebook. Still haven’t figured out how to Twitter and why it’s important.

My passions:  Family, Writing, Reading, Knitting, Cycling

Giving or receiving presents? Giving

Favorite pattern: I’m a knitter. I love stripes, cables, polka dots, squares. You name it.

Favorite day of the week: Any day I can cycle outdoors.

 Favorite flower:  Roses. My grandfather took great pride in growing them.

Here are my ten bloggers I’m nominating for a Sunshine Award:

Leah:  She was the first “stranger” to subscribe to my blog. She blogs from Southern California about cooking, books, her adorable daughter Sophie, and more.

Barbara Younger: She’s created a blog about everything menopause; a great dose of humor to get through all the fun.

Sin City Siren: The go –to place for updates on women’s rights. I share many of her excellent posts on Facebook.

Northern Narratives: Beautiful photographs from northern Minnesota and more.

Huffygirl’s Blog: Another “older” cyclist determined to stay fit to keep up with our grandchildren.

Stacey’s Snacks: Easy recipes for the novice to the advanced cook, told with humor and photos.

C. Hope Clark: Every writer needs Hope. Her newsletter is free and fantastic.

Lesley Carter: This gal has had some awesome adventures around the world.

Tales from the Motherland: This woman writes, has foreign exchange students living with her, a novel in the works, and great insights.

Knitn’ Green There’s an immediate bond between knitters.

Thanks, again, Gabi. I’m honored.


About cyclingrandma

I was a journalist (Danbury News-Times, Ct), before becoming a teacher, and continue to write for professional journals. I have written several study guides for Penguin Books and write for Education Update, a newspaper based in New York City. ( I’ve interviewed many authors, college presidents, and scientists. I wrote “The Kentucky Derby’s Forgotten Jockeys” for Smithsonian Magazine's website, (April, 2009). Two essays have been published in book anthologies; one for Wisdom of Our Mothers, (Familia Books) and the other in “College Search and Parent Rescue: Essay for Parents by Parents of College-Going Students.” (St. Martin’s Press). I was a middle school Language Arts teacher for more than 10 years and have just completed a five year grant position under No Child Left Behind in Newark, NJ public schools. I have three children, two daughters-in law, and six grandchildren. I'm an avid cyclist, knitter, cook, and reader. I love theater, museums, and yoga.
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13 Responses to And the Sunshine Award Goes To:

  1. Congratulations on the Sunshine Award. These are great blogs.


  2. Thanks for selecting me for the Sunshine Award. I’m honored!
    C. Hope Clark


  3. madeline taylor says:

    This is so cute! Congratulations. I might subscribe to some of the other blogs!


  4. Northern Narratives says:

    Thank you so much for listing my blog. I am definitely going to check out the other blogs listed. Congratulations to you for your award 🙂


  5. Huffygirl says:

    Hi Lisa, congratulations to you for being chosen, and thanks for passing on the Sunshine award to me. I’m adding you to my blogroll so everyone I know can find the “other” cool cycling grandma!


  6. Leah says:

    Wow, I’m honored! Thanks for the award. I remember finding your blog (maybe you found mine first?). But since then, I love connecting with you online. I always appreciate your point of view and wonderful storytelling.


  7. Thanks so much for honoring me… when you sent your note yesterday, I didn’t realize it was already up, as you said you were having technical difficulties! I’ll get on it, later today! I am working on a blog roll, which I never really understood, until recently… you’ll be there. Thanks for the honor! 🙂


  8. Knitn' Green says:

    Thank you for the honor! I’ll be checking out the other blogs as well!


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