Happy 21st Birthday, Lydia & Leah

My daughter and niece were born the same day. Today they are 21.

From this: 

To this:  Happy Birthday, girls!

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8 Responses to Happy 21st Birthday, Lydia & Leah

  1. And I think I know which one is your daughter – just by the hair! It probably seems like only yesterday that they were little. The sometimes it feels like a lifetime…


  2. Leah says:

    How sweet! Happy Birthday to your girls!


  3. Madeline Taylor says:

    So sweet!!


  4. marci barr abbot says:

    Beautiful baby girls….Beautiful young women! A very Happy Birthday! MBA


  5. Nathan says:

    Happy Birthday!


  6. Adeena says:

    I’ve never seen this picture, it’s adorable!! Now I know where Shimon Yeshaya comes from! He looks just like Lydia in this picture.


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