End of Summer Photos

Left to right:

A foggy Labor Day morning at the PA  lake; too dreary to hang around.
J & S at a local swimming hole in NJ.
Grilled  Zuchinni, Squash and Peppers topped with fresh herbs.
Us resting in Lackawaxen, PA.
We met Robert & Gunther outside Peters Valley , NJ.  They’re  riding and camping  from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Florida.
Black bears- I saw two- one while biking, one crossing our driveway!
(photo: gotpetsonline.com) I was too flummoxed to find my camera.

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4 Responses to End of Summer Photos

  1. Judy Washington says:

    It sounds like a wonderful weekend. The bear sightings send chills through me. I chose to just spend time with myself and my family. Talked to friends and goofed off. I did manage to get in two long workouts and yoga at home by continuing my practice. I had lunch with a friend in Montclair on Sunday. What a gorgeous day it was. I did try to avoid the news but it kept coming. SO we watched a great old Fred MacMurray and Polly Bergen movie ” Kisses for The President.” Polly was the first female President elected overwhelmingly by the women of the US. Unfortunately she left office due to pregnancy. It is a must-see


  2. Naomi says:

    I like the one of Shimon the best!


  3. Leah says:

    Great photos, especially the bear one! Not a photo you see everyday (at least not here in San Diego). It’s great you cycle. My husband cycled nearly every day several years ago (before child). He used to love it too.


    • I wish I could have taken the bear photo– too excited to find my camera. We hadn’t seen any bears for a while and then 2 in one weekend. We are addicted to the biking- it has changed our lives.


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