Hurricane Handicrafts: Finished Projects 2

Waiting around for a hurricane to hit can be exasperating. Do I bake a cake, knowing the power might go off any second? How many flashlights and candles are enough? How much outdoor furniture should be stored away? How many books will I need? (I’m neurotic about running out of reading material.) And how many projects will I get to? (Equally neurotic.  It’s a total waste to be a passenger in a car without knitting. )

Hurricane Irene kept the East Coast waiting this past weekend. We’d heard the warnings for a couple of days, eyes glued to, ears to the radio. Just a few days before, a small (5.9) earthquake had hit the same area.  Now a hurricane? We’d also heard a rumor about a tornado.

My New York City daughter -in -law joked that T-Rex was next. She lives not far from the Museum of Natural History.  You never know.

We had planned to bike and swim outside of Milford, PA.  Saturday began gloomy, with intermittent sprinkles. No biking, but a few swims and kayak rides. The geese and the heron, unmindful of weather, seemed happy, gliding to and fro.   The wind and rain kicked up later in the day, though we were still able grill a steak. By Sunday, the rain pelted down heavy and hard; forget swimming.

I completed two projects before the power went out.

A cape and hat for a friend, and a sweater and hat for my grandson, nearly 2.

I cast on with this alpaca-silk-wool blend for a complicated cable cardigan for myself. 

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4 Responses to Hurricane Handicrafts: Finished Projects 2

  1. Leah says:

    It’s strange to think how you must have all felt anticipating the hurricane. Here in California, the disasters tend to be on the lines of earthquakes. And with those, they strike pretty much without warning. But with the Hurricane, you’re just waiting until it hits. That must be tough! I do like the cape, sweater and hat though. I’d say that’s a good use of nervous energy.


    • Thanks. A friend posted on facebook, “West Coast, you feeling left out?” We’re just not used to natural disasters like you are. Streets are a mess and many still without power. My parents in CT might not get it back for 12 days. We had water in the basement (oh the smell) but otherwise no problems. We have to boil water for a few more days. The cape is for a friend who had brain surgery and is paralyzed on one side- this will be easy to put on and take off.


  2. It’s true – we do not worry about the weather here! The earthquakes keep us quite entertained! There was another one yesterday!

    A specialist says that we are too complacent – but I refuse to live life worrrying about something that may not come. If it does I will be to busy to worry about all the things I didn’t take care of!

    I love the yarn you are about to cast on. How is that project going?

    Happy Knitting



  3. Thanks for reading and commenting. I’m half way through the back of a cardigan- double cables up the back and then on each side of the fronts. But just had a granddaughter born so will switch to some girl baby things. I usually have about 3 projects going at once- one for the car, one for tb watching, etc. I’m not sure how to post pictures within comments- will see if I can do it. LW


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