New York Shorts

New York Shorts:

My rating system: 1-5 Stars

1-    only if nothing else to do and tickets are cheap or free

2-    a bit better than 1

3-    the middle- worthwhile

4-    good, solid theater experience, worth the ticket

5-    exceptional, must see


By the Way Meet Vera Stark           

New play by Lynn Nottage, (Ruined), about  the relationship between black maids and Hollywood actresses in the 1930’s. Part GWTW spoof, part reminder of the inequities in film and elsewhere.   I saw it in previews and think it could use some editing.  ****

WarHorse: “Mechanically brilliant.” (Matthew’s quip), otherwise manipulates emotions. Trite plot and  characters,  interspersed with dreary British folk tunes. But the puppetry makes it stand out. It’s the sort of experience I hope  is around to take grandchildren to when they’re older.  ***

The MotherF* With the Hat

Ninety minutes of  rapid fire profanity yet a poignant story with believable characters. If your ears can handle the battering, snag a seat. ****

Galleries- Chelsea

Why am I first discovering art galleries? I’ve been a museum goer for decades and have  memberships to a few.  I had some time before a matinee- perfect to wander into galleries in Chelsea- the West 20’s area of NYC. What’s great about galleries: one exhibit instead of the entire spectrum of art so small enough to see in a short time; and they’re free. The downside: no gift shop!

Picasso and Marie-Therese: L’amour fou     

Gagosian Gallery, 522 W21  (June 25)

Picasso’s love affair with a young French woman, Marie- Therese captured in sketches, those line drawings that  look so simple yet we all know are impossible,  cubist portraits and bold paintings with  asymmetrical faces. There’s sculpture, collages and even a tapestry.  And if the art isn’t enough to convince us of his love,  an excerpt from a letter makes him look like a bumbling teenager.  Here’s an excerpt from the excerpt: “…I love you more than the taste of your mouth, more than your look, more than your hands, more than your whole body…”

Charles Moore: Civil Rights and Beyond     

Steven Kasher Gallery, 521 W23 ( May 7)

Life magazine photographer Moore (1931-2010) captured images of the conflict,  the known and the unknown. I don’t think we can ever see too much of how people were treated by police, crowds, and dogs.

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1 Response to New York Shorts

  1. Jacob says:

    I’d like to see the Civil Rights exhibit.


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