The First Post

The First Post

To blog or not? Who would read it? Asked my sister, who I already talk to, text, and email almost three times a day if I wrote a blog 3 times a week, would she read it? Of course! Didn’t even ask what I’d be writing about.  One friend “as long as I can get it as an email.”  Another good friend didn’t waste any time saying ‘No.” Too much to do.  And another, “No, I don’t read blogs.”  I appreciate their honesty.

So what will I be writing about?

Teaching, because I’m a teacher. Writing, because most writers have to rant about the process at one point or another.  Food, because, I like to eat, cook and have plenty of opinions about restaurants. Movies and theater and museums. My family.

Biking, because that’s my primary passion. And yoga.   And knitting. And shopping.  Pet peeves. Culture and travel. So the usual gamut of topics that may or may not interest readers. I’ve been told I have a strong, humorous voice, so hopefully that will appear here. Once I become more adept (believe me there’s a huge learning curve), I hope to post photos. So be patient, give me a chance, comment often.

My background- I grew up on a poultry farm in Connecticut. My parents live in the house I grew up in- so you’ll be hearing about them too.  I worked as a newspaper reporter after college, then as a copy editor in New York at Dow Jones, the former parent company of the Wall Street Journal. There I met Matthew my husband. We got married in 1982 and moved to London where he was part of the team starting the European edition of the Journal. After two boys born there- and working as a freelancer because I was asked by potential employers—why should we hire you, you’re an expatriate; or asked you’re already 27, won’t you be having a baby soon?

We returned to the US in 1987, moving to Maplewood, NJ, which at the time was a decent commute to the Journal’s downtown NY offices. I decided to become a teacher- having never taught—and entered the alternate route training program. I taught for 2 years at a small non-traditional school in Newark, NJ- then called Project Link- a junior high founded by the Dominican Sisters (my first exposure to nuns)- in response to the civil unrest in Newark in the 1960’s.  I had my 3rd child, a daughter, earned a Masters in Education, and then returned to teaching at a suburban-urban public school. By 2007 I was ready for a change and became a consultant in Newark schools. A 5- year federally funded position now ended, it was time to become serious about writing. Or not. We’ll see.


About cyclingrandma

I was a journalist (Danbury News-Times, Ct), before becoming a teacher, and continue to write for professional journals. I have written several study guides for Penguin Books and write for Education Update, a newspaper based in New York City. ( I’ve interviewed many authors, college presidents, and scientists. I wrote “The Kentucky Derby’s Forgotten Jockeys” for Smithsonian Magazine's website, (April, 2009). Two essays have been published in book anthologies; one for Wisdom of Our Mothers, (Familia Books) and the other in “College Search and Parent Rescue: Essay for Parents by Parents of College-Going Students.” (St. Martin’s Press). I was a middle school Language Arts teacher for more than 10 years and have just completed a five year grant position under No Child Left Behind in Newark, NJ public schools. I have three children, two daughters-in law, and six grandchildren. I'm an avid cyclist, knitter, cook, and reader. I love theater, museums, and yoga.
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9 Responses to The First Post

  1. Jane Sarwin says:

    Great first post Lisa!!!
    Whatta life story!!!
    Looking forward to reading more!!!
    Jane 🙂


  2. Dear Cycling Grandma:
    I will read your blog because I like eating, and shopping, I don’t like bikes or yoga, but I think you might have some interesting things to blog about.
    Hopefully some recipes?
    Congrats on your first post!


  3. Jacob says:

    Great start!

    some typos:
    why should we hire you, you’re and expatriate; or asked you’re already 27, won’t you be having a baby soon?


  4. Marla says:

    Very matter-of-fact story. Can’t wait to hear what you have to say next. Big kiss.


  5. Edie says:

    you peaked my interest. Ill be anticipating your next post.


  6. Shona Donegan says:

    Great first post. I will definately be reading more. I too am hoping you will share some recipes. Hope to see you soon. I look forward to your cycling posts as well.
    See you soon, I hope.


  7. Lori says:

    Enjoyed reading about your family. Your father sounds like an amazing man!
    I’ve never blogged and I’m not sure I will be a frequent follower, but I like your writing style and look forward to the next post.


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